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In order to receive your Scouting America Fire Safety Merit Badge, you must complete the following Steps:

• Step 1: Take Online Course – This Online comprehensive course will teach you everything you need to know about Fire Safety. Complete all the sections and pass the quizzes to receive your official Scouting America Fire Safety Online Course Certificate. 

• Step 2: Attend a Fire Safety Event – Once you have your Fire Safety Online Course Certificate, it is time to demonstrate what you have learned. Attend a Scouting America Event that has in-person Fire Safety Training. If successfully completed, you will obtain your Scouting America Fire Safety Merit Badge.

For All Scouts (Ages: 8 – 18 looking to obtain their Fire Safety Merit Badge.  Join for FREE! ($29.99 Value)  NOW OPEN!

Important Notes: This badge requires: 1) an online course and 2) a practical lesson at a Scouting America-sanctioned location.  For more information, contact your troop leader.

Always check for the latest badge requirements!

Click the link below to “Get Started.”

STEP 1: Take Online Course

1. Introduction

2. Preventing Fires

3. Handling Fire Safely

4. Fire Safety Outdoors

5. Careers in Fire Safety

6. Fire Safety Resources

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STEP 2 - Attend a Fire Safety Event

Scouting America offers a variety of Events where you can take an in-person Fire Safety Training Course. This is a hands-on course where you will have to demonstrate proper Fire Safety and Wildfire Prevention. Click the link below to view our upcoming Events. If you are unable to attend to listed Events, please contact your local council.